TRUE Tour Linkswear Introduces Barefoot ‘Feel’ on AND off the course.

TRUE linkswear, a new footwear and apparel company from Dallas has recently revealed their first product, the world’s thinnest, lightest golf shoe designed for both playing golf and as casual wear.

Inspired by the ‘barefoot’ styled running shoes that have been gaining popularity recently, True linkswear has done away with conventional golf shoe features such as traditional arch supports, thick cushioned heels, and even spikes that normally keep you planted into the ground for a more natural, foot forming style that has more in common with a sock than a golf shoe.

TRUE Tour golf shoe has abandoned most of what was commonly thought to be critically needed in a golf shoe when compared to the traditional golf shoes that are currently out in the market.  Basically it’s the closest thing to playing barefoot, only it’s design is still geared towards enhancing your golf game by allowing the natural movement and balance we use on and off the course. Speaking of which Golf pro Ryan Moore along with the TRUE Tour team wear theirs off the course regularly!

PGA Tour player Ryan Moore has both invested in the company and recently played Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial wearing the new design and had this to say,

“These shoes are the lightest, most comfortable shoes I’ve worn, and they really improve my sense of balance and connection with the course,” said Moore. “I knew the first time I wore them that I wanted to compete in them as soon as possible.”

The minimalist natural design also helps golfers FEEL the course more closely, giving the player accurate feedback that rivals any other ‘padded’ golf shoe.

Some of the more specific features of the True Tour include:

· Weight of just 11 ounces, making it the lightest golf shoe on the PGA Tour.

· The TRUE Barefoot Platform, which features a wide toe box so toes can function naturally through the swing. This encourages proper weight transfer, balance, and natural stability.

· An Ergo-Traction TPU sole that is only 2.5 mm thick, making it the thinnest sole in golf, while providing the durability to stand up to the most avid player.

· Memory Foam in the heel and a fitted sock liner create optimal comfort from the moment the shoe is put on.

· 360 ° Waterproofing, which keeps feet dry all day long.

Retailing at $159.99 the True Tour is currently available in four color schemes.


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