Never Compromise Gambler Series Putters

We are excited to have a small stock of the hyped and highly sought after Never Compromise putters, specifically the Gambler Series.  Since 1997 Never Compromise has been producing some of the best putters in the industry.  These putters are milled to the highest tolerances from 303 stainless steel and are of course forged.  Both the putters we have are both mallets and have a loft of 3 and lie of 70.  The head weight is 350 grams for both as well.   Retail for these putters is $299.99.  As a side not, here at Fairway we have the ability and connections to get custom orders made from Never Compromise for you.  For an additional cost we can get custom paint fill, custom stamping, and grips, all done in-house from Never Compromise.  These putters are works of art and some of the most dead on putters we have ever carried.  Check them out today at or come visit our store in San Diego or Mountain View California.

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