Williams Sports golf balls

Williams Sports just sent me a sample of their new golf balls!

Have not played the ball yet so can’t tell you how it plays or how I like it but it’s definitely a cool looking box!

Williams Sports RT3 Golf Balls


This is what the box says:


Tires are vital part of AT&T Williams’ car performance during a race.  Not only does AT&T Williams require the tires to maintain their shape while withstanding extremely high temperatures,  they also demand high levels of grip to ensure fast cornering and safety for the drivers.

The advancements in golf ball technology have found that using rubber (as AT&T Williams do in their tires), can help to improve overall performance.  In the RT3 golf ball, the standard synthetic core has been replaced with a racing inspired core, focusing on a more condensed and centralized positioning of the weight.  To compliment the core, a special rubberised formulation has been incorporated into a second layer that maximises the transfer of energy from the outer cover to the inner core.  The patented Rubbercone Technology creates a unique soft feel without sacrificing either distance or control.”


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