Enlow Grip

We have seen a recent trend short term in Enlow grips. In the past 2 days 2 customers have come into our store to install these grips on their irons. Many see these grips as wacky and more of a trend, rather than a long term solution. However, the people that use them are big time advocates, so who is right and who is wrong? In any case here are some of the main benefits of them and some pictures to go along with our install and inspection of the grips.

* Added power to the swing
* Improved control of the club
* Fewer injuries
* More comfortable to use
* Less vibration due to shock
* Lowered swing weight
* Increased club head speed
* Improved grip in extreme weather conditions such as rain or heat
* Straighter shots
* Fewer injuries to the hands, shoulders and wrists

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