Preorder the New Callaway uPro MX GPS -$199 Available for shipping on May 13th

With all those iPhone, iPad  and Androids; the smart phones have been impacting the hand-held device market. Now Callaway has been doing great with their share of GPS and we wanted to show you their latest one: uPro MX.

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Preloaded Course

Preloaded with more than 25,000 courses from our global database in Basic Mode and GoMode. You can gain a comfortable feel for different courses before you even play them.

ProMode Features

• SmartView – Displays the ideal view for the upcoming shot based on the golfer’s position on the course.
• Video Flyovers – Includes Tour-style video flyovers that provide a preview of the hole to help golfers plan their strategy.
• AnyPoint Technology – Allows golfers to measure to and from any location on the course.
*ProMode is available for an additional fee.

Visual Green View

Shows the green and the surrounding area in vivid detail, and also allows you to measure off any point on or around the green complex.

Scoring Plus

Allows players to keep a group scorecard, note personal stats and even record individual shot tracking. Data from the entire round is readily available in one simple location. You can store up to 50 rounds on the device and an unlimited number of rounds on the website

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