Having trouble with your short game? Try NIBLICK

No matter how well you play, it all comes down to your short game.  Everyone is going to miss the green and have to deal with that short little chip to get the ball close to the hole for a tap in par (or birdie on par 5s).

I know I have my good days and bad days around the green.  And I am very curious to play the Cleveland Niblick II solution in my bag.

Have you heard of this magic wand?  Cleveland Niblick II is gaining popularity for the average golfers who just can’t get the right touch with a standard wedge.

Some use #8 irons to roll, while others use 64deg to flop and check on the green.

This Niblick II is a combination of a Wedge, Putter, Iron and a Hybrid.  You can swing it like a putter for distance.  The loft of a wedge will make the ball hop on to the green and roll to the cup.  The sole shaped like a hybrid will fight through the rough around the green.  The face shape of an iron for easy alignment.


So what are you waiting for!  Pick up a Niblick II and don’t worry about missing the green!  Amaze your golfing buddy with your secret weapon!

Start chip, pitch, approach and recover shot with this magic tool.  And it is very affordable too!

It comes in 3 lofts:  42deg,  49deg,  56deg

Stock steel shaft will do the job.


Some customers have come back to me and told me stories of how well they hit the Niblick II on full shots.  (It was not meant to be used for a full swing, but have many actual proof that it actually is easy to control inside 100 yards!).

So check out the Niblick II on our website at:  www.fairwaygolfusa.com

All I have to figure out now is what club I have to get rid of to fit the Niblick II in my bag……..


Any questions or comments, just shoot us an email:  cs@fairwaygolfusa.com

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