Price Down on TaylorMade Daytona Ghost Putters – $129 In Stock

TaylorMade Daytona Ghost Putters

Their goal with Ghost was simple: Design a putter that’s easier to aim than any other. That’s where the white head comes in. Ghost’s “golf-ball white” color complements the white color of the ball, and also stands out easily and beautifully against green grass so you don’t have to strain to see the topline. That takes the strain off your eyes and promotes a calm and confident state of mind, according to an expert in the field of color perception, who they consulted during the development of Ghost.

Rossa’s renowned AGSI®+ (Anti-skid Groove System Insert) promotes forward spin for a smooth roll, while its Titallium™ construction delivers soft and satisfying feel at impact.

What makes Corza Ghost different from other putters?

• Golf-ball white finish stands out against green grass

• Single black, easy-to-see alignment line

• AGSI®+ Titallium Insert promotes forward roll

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