Learn Little More About Scotty Cameron Putters

Some mentions about his junk yard dog, and others about his elegant form of stamped putters only available for tour use. So who and what is Scotty Cameron? We would like to introduce you to our inventory of various works from the classics of mid-90s to 2011.


Select a few of our standard stock Scotty Cameron putters and ship them to Scotty’s Custom Shop where they go from being ordinary to extraordinary. Our expert staff pick the stamps, paint colors, grips and headcovers that make our Custom Putters one of kind putters. Contact us if you would like to create a Custom Putter all your own.

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Scotty Cameron Tour Putters are just that, putters that were made specifically for tour

professionals. These putters are made with unique materials, specifications preferred by tour pros (i.e. weight, sight lines) and custom finishes. All of our Tour Putters include Certificate of Authenticity from Scotty Cameron’s studio proving that you are getting the real deal. Our selection gets updated often, so please check back with to see what’s new.

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Scotty Cameron creates some putter in limited quantities to try out a new design or to celebrate a victory. These putters are always marked with “# of #” or sometimes specifically numbered so you know exactly which putter you got (for example: The 2001 British Open Victory Putter is number 100 of 274). Either way, you will be one of the lucky few to have a very special putter.

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Scotty Cameron headcovers are as collectable as stamps, beanie babies or baseball cards. There are headcovers to commemorate certain events that are released at different times during the year and in limited quantities. Just like the Tour Putters, some of these headcovers are rare and therefore extremely valuable. Take a look at our selection and contact us if you need help locating the special headcover.

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