Harrison Shotmaker Shaft Insert – Straighter is longer!

The people at Harrison have developed a shaft insert that can improve driving accuracy up to 40%! By just dropping in a 12″ ultra-thin-ply graphite rod into the driver shaft, the Shotmaker improves accuracy by creating shaft stability, eliminating deformation and lowering impact vibrations. Harrison had independent robot and player testing done to prove that this insert works. They believe in this technology so much that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. So I decided to give the Harrison Shotmaker a shot in my driver.

I am a 3 handicap player and I average around 50% of the fairways hit. I know hitting more fairways will lead to hitting more greens and lower scores. I installed the Shotmaker using the kit into my driver and immediately tested it on our launch monitor. I was shocked to see my dispersion narrow down to a 5 to 6 yards from 15 to 18 yards off center. I also noticed an improvement in feel and decrease in backspin. I was impressed, but this was just the preliminary test and the true gauge of the Shotmaker claims would come on the golf course.

I typically keep track of my stats when I play golf, so I knew my fairway accuracy was right around 50% before installing the Shotmaker. I have played several rounds at different golf courses to test my driver’s ability to hit the fairway. Again, I was impressed. I am now hitting 63% of the fairways and I believe this number will only improve with more time.

My conclusion, if you have tried different drivers, shafts and even grips to improve your driving and still struggle to hit the fairway, then you should try the Harrison Shotmaker Shaft Insert.


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