Mitsubishi Rayon – Fubuki K: The Best shaft ever made?!?!

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We have a winner! The new Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki-K shaft RULES!

I have to admit, I have tried just about every club head and shaft combination to find the perfect driver. I almost gave up and settled on a driver/shaft combination that launched the ball too high with too much spin.

I heard about Mitsubishi’s Fubuki line, and all the great things this shaft delivers. I always thought this shaft was for a smooth tempo, mid-launch player. The Fubuki Tour and even the Fubuki Alpha were NOT the answer to my quest to launch the ball lower with lower spin.

Then the Mitsubishi Rayon rep told me about the new Fubuki-K shaft. I surprised, not only did the launch angle stay at my favorite launch angle (12*), but my back spin was around 2,300 rpm’s. In addition, to these great numbers, this shaft has great “feel”. Welcome to my bag, Fubuki K!

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