Scotty Cameron Circle-T Super Rat, it’s super sexy!

Scotty Cameron’s Circle T – Super Rat!

Here’s one for all of the fans of Scotty Cameron’s Circle-T putters, the “Super Rat” – GSS Insert Tour Black Mist Concept 1 putter. This is one of those putters you can’t help but like (maybe even love?!). Everything from the German Stainless Steel insert to the red buttons in the cavity to the great headcover.

Here’s a great picture of the face. I love the contrast of the GSS Insert and Black Mist finish. Put the cherry on top, or on the heal of the face, add the chrome accent around the “Circle T” and you got a putter that looks like it’s going to gently roll the ball into the hole every time.

Speaking of great chrome accents, the “buttons” and screws holding the face on are amazing touch. I like the way Scotty minimized the branding on this putter. It’s obviously a Scotty Cameron, you can tell by the “Circle T” logo and “buttons” but Scotty didn’t overload the bumpers, face or neck with extra logo’s or brands. Nicely done!

Other great features on this putter that you don’t see on other Tour Cameron’s, the shaft band is an actual metal band and the “black-out” Pistolero grip. I think you will see more Circle T’s with the metal shaft bands, it’s just a cool touch for a very expensive putter.

So whether you are a Scotty Fan or not, this is one putter that everyone can agree is very special and would be a great addition to your collection or maybe even your bag?!

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