Japanese Golf Clubs available at Fairway Golf USA!

Limited Forged Black Blades

Miura Golf

Miura Golf is one of our best selling Japanese clubs.  Miura is well known for their forged irons and wedges, they are the best irons money can buy.  We have a special relationship with Miura that allows us to custom build clubs for our customers.  The Limited Forged Black Blades in the picture above is a perfect blend of modern sleekness with the black finish and classic true player’s blade performance.

Fourteen RM-11 Wedge

Fourteen Golf

Fourteen Golf just signed  Ryuji Imada as a staff professional.  But Fourteen is no stranger to the bags of tour pros, several pros use Fourteen wedges and hybrids instead of their sponsored manufacturers clubs.  That shows, when it comes to something as important as making an up-n-down to win, a lot of pros use Fourteen wedges. The picture of the RM-11 wedge shows the reverse-taper on the back of the club head, this reverse-taper raises the center of gravity to give you better control with your wedge shots.  Here at Fairway Golf USA, we all use Fourteen wedges.

Maruman Majesty Driver

Maruman Golf

Maruman makes the ultimate in luxury golf clubs!  The Majesty line features over 35 years worth of Maruman technology and combines it with only premium materials.  As Maruman states, “The Pride of Owning the Maruman Majesty, Painstakingly crafted and finished by the finest craftsmen in the world!”  Owning these clubs is a serious investment by serious golfers who only want the best!

Royal Collection Tour VS Fairway Wood

Royal Collection

Some of you may recognize the “Driving Cavity” design on the sole of the Royal Collection (RC) Tour VS fairway wood pictured from the days Royal Collection was known as Sonartec.  If you are not familiar with the “Driving Cavity” technology, it raises the center of gravity of the wood to promote less spin and lower ball flight.  You should also check out RC’s forged irons, wedges and milled putters!  The RC Tour VS Forged Cavity Back irons have game improvement irons forgiveness with player irons looks.



XXIO golf is a part of Sri Sports, which also owns Srixon, Cleveland and Mayazaki.  XXIO is well know in Japan for it’s premium golf clubs for average and senior golfers.  Although XXIO is not currently listed on www.fairwaygolfusa.com, we are able to get these beautiful golf clubs.

Yonex Nano V Nextage Composite Irons


Japanese phenom golfer, Ryo Ishikawa plays Yonex clubs.  It’s only a matter of time before Ryo becomes one of the top tour players in the world and Yonex becomes one of the top golf club manufactures.  Like most Japanese forged irons, Yonex makes some of the softest feeling forged irons.  The nice thing about Yonex is they design them so the average golfer can play them with designs like the Nano V Forged Irons.

**Didn’t see what you were looking for? Fairway Golf USA has great relationships with a lot of Japanese manufacturers and distributors, send us an email at cs@fairwaygolfusa.com and let us know what we can do for you.



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