What makes Miura so special and expensive?!


Miura is known for making the best feeling irons!  That’s my opinion and I know there are other manufacturers (mostly in Japan) that make great clubs, but there’s something special about playing a set of Miura irons.

The picture above shows the different steps involved in making a Miura iron. Miura uses an 11 step process to make the very best iron/wedge available. Like all forged irons or wedges, it starts with a chunk of raw steel. This chunk of steel is heated up till it’s glowing red then it’s put into press that hammers it into the shape of iron or wedge. Most manufacturers that make forged clubs do this process. Where Miura differs is making their clubs is in the hosel and finishing process. Muira hosels are spun-welded to the head, this ensures the hosel joins the head in exactly the right spot. Other manufacturers forge the hosel with the club head then drill out the hosel with much less precision. Each head is hand ground by Miura master grinders. This is where models like the Tournament Blades and CB-501 get their beautiful lines and blends. Miura’s finishing process has such high tolerances that if a head is more than a 1/2 gram out of spec or if the grooves are exactly pressed in the right spot, the head is recycled back to steel mill. That chunk of steel becomes a Miura head if it passed all 11 steps and inspections, only then can it be called a Miura iron or wedge!

It’s the sweet feeling you get when you pure a shot, soft yet solid! Miura delivers this feeling like no one else and the quality is second to none! That’s what make Miura’s so special and worth every penny!

That’s what you get when you purchase a set of Miura clubs.

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