New True Linkswear Sensei Golf Shoes, Now Available!

Now you can golf, run, walk or whatever in a single pair of shoes! True Linkswear just released the new Sensei Golf Shoes and they are available at Fairway Golf USA (!

If you have never tried on a pair of True Linkswear Golf Shoes, well, you are missing out. True Linkswear makes the most comfortable golf shoes. Would you ever hike in a pair of dress shoes? So why would you play a round of golf in a pair of leather saddle shoes? Do you have a wide foot and have a hard time finding a golf shoe wide enough? True Linkswear are designed with a wide toe box to keep your feet from being squeezed and pitched. This wide toe box allows your toes to spread out and increases your feet’s natural ability to keep you balance.

Check out the available colors of the new Sensei’s below:



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