2013 Whitlam Golf / Gauge Design Putters. FULL COPPER and other Amazingly Beautiful Works of Art. FairwayGolfUSA.com

2013 Whitlam Golf / Gauge Design Putters. FULL COPPER and other Amazingly Beautiful Works of Art. FairwayGolfUSA.com

Our good friends at Whitlam / Gauge Design just sent us pictures of some of their new line of golf putters that their working on. They have a lot more versions of this putter but the one in these pictures is of a center shafted blade in its unfinished form. They are 100% milled out of a solid piece of copper. Head weight is going to be 355.

This company is FAMOUS in the Asian Market with tons of Korean PGA/LPGA and Japan PGA/LPGA players gaming their putters and irons. You know its good when they choose to play it without any endorsements!

Enjoy the pictures and email or call us for sales inquiries




Here is some info about them from their website:

About Us

Whitlam Golf Putters are a blend of today’s technology and yesterday’s designs. Whitlam putters are the most precise milled putters in the golf industry. All of our putters are CNC milled and conform to the USGA’s strict guidelines governing the manufacture of golf equipment. In addition, we are proud that all Whitlam putters are made entirely in the USA.
Who is gauge design?

David Whitlam is the craftsman behind Whitlam Golf and has made every putter from the company’s inception.
Who is the founder?

Posted ImageWhitlam Golf founder David Whitlam has over 15 years experience in the golf industry. Growing up in Edmonton, Canada, David picked up the game of golf at the age of 8, when his father purchased him his first set of clubs. It wasn’t long before David made his way on to the driving range and local golf courses to practice and hone his skills.
David, at the age of 15, found himself working in one of the Edmonton’s golf discount stores, where he quickly realized he had the keen ability to fit the customer’s golfing wants and needs. In 1987, David graduated the San Diego Golf Academy, and later went on to graduate from California State University – San Marcos, with a degree in business.
David’s long-term goal is to make Whitlam Golf/Gauge Design Golf one of the few truly innovative putter companies in the world. Whitlam Golf is already making a substantial impact on the Japanese PGA Tour.

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