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The final stage of the Miura CB-501 build has arrived. The next step after the iron’s epoxy has set overnight, was to tape up the irons, for protection, for Lie Angle adjustment. The customer was 1 degree upright from Miura’s standard specs. The CB-501s were then Lie adjusted on our Mitchell machine.

project m90project m91

After the Lie angle adjustments were made for the entire set, it was time to cut and grip the irons and then clean them up. After the irons had been cut to the American standard, it was time to turn down the ferrules and apply acetone to shine up the ferrules.

project m36 project m999bproject m999

After the ferrules were completed, then the clubmaker put on the grips and a final clean-up was in order…

photo (2) - Copy project m42

And the final result, the MIURA CB-501s completed! What a nice looking set!

DSC03350 (425x640)DSC03348 (640x425)

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