New TaylorMade KIA MA Itsy Bitsy Counter Balance Putter #15 of 15 Available at

Introducing our new TaylorMade KIA MA milled Itsy Bitsy counter balanced 38″ putter. We have customized 1 of our Kia Ma milled Itsy Bitsy putter heads and installed the KBS matte black prototype shaft with the TaylorMade belly putter grip. The putter is new and highlights the best of new and old ideas. This putter is $550.00. Please email any questions, or to design a putter, to


Putter Number: #15 of 15

Length: 38 Inches

Swingweight: H4

Overall weight: 650 grams

itsy6itsy2itsy3 itsy1itsy4itsy5

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