The Lighter Side – NEW Fujikura Speeder 474, 569 & 661 Shafts Here at

It is without a doubt the most iconic and sought after shaft brand in history. The Speeder has been named the “winningest shaft” and has never left the Tour since its debut in 1998. The new Motore Speeder 757, 661, 569 and 474 models were designed using Triax Core Technology, which is Triax three-directional woven graphite material on the inside layer of the shaft (vs. closer the core), enhancing its contribution to increased speed and stability.

The Speeder 474 weighs 47.5 to 49 grams depending on flex.

The Speeder 569 weighs 55.5 to 59 grams depending on flex.

The Speeder 661 weighs 65.5 to 69.5 grams depending on flex.

These are superior top of the line lightweight shafts, offering Mid(Speeder 661) to Mid/High launch angles and Mid Spin.


  • Triax Core Technology (TCT).
  • Ultra high modulus materials.
  • Unparalleled feel and stability.
  • Highest speeds and longest distances we have ever seen.

Shaft LINK:

Speeder 474 Speeder 569 Speeder 661


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