Golf Ball Review Callaway SuperSoft Golf Balls – Pictures and Spin Numbers Inside!

We are excited about the new Callaway SuperSoft Golf Balls that have been just announced by Callaway so we decided to do a review and test it on our launch monitor.

We had 3 of our staff hit the Callaway SuperSoft Golf Balls with their irons and drivers. We compared the Callaway SuperSoft golf balls to the Callaway Hex Black.

One thing we noticed right away is that the SuperSoft balls had less spin than the Hex Blacks on both irons and driver.

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They mentioned that the feel was very soft with a slight “clicky” sound.

The distance when comparing the Supersoft vs the Hex Black golf balls were very similar.

Launch numbers were also very similar.

One of our reviewers said that he couldn’t feel the ball at impact since it was very soft. Almost like hitting nothing at all.

Another reviewer with a high swing speed said that the SuperSoft balls felt harder than the Hex Black when hitting with his driver but the SuperSoft felt softer with the irons compared to the Hex Blacks.

All the reviewers agreed that the golf ball performed, felt and sounded great. 2 out of the 3 reviewers mentioned that they would game these golf balls under the right course situation.

Overall this is a great golf ball at a awesome price range.

I added some pictures below of some of our reviewers launch monitor numbers. Keep in mind that the line with the lower numbers are the Callaway SuperSofts






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