Mizuno iron manufacturing videos

Many would think that with advanced technology of production and design, golf club manufacturing is automated.

Yes they do use technology to help them produce the beautiful irons but the golf clubs are perfected only with the skill, knowledge and experience of a craftsman to make it look and perform perfectly.

Golf club production requires a lot of quality control.  From aesthetics to angles and grooves, there are specifications that require the hands of craftsman.  Golf clubs are precision instruments.  Golfers talk about 0.5 deg angle differences, 2 gram weightings, angles and grind of sole and head shape.  We talk about feel and spin broken down to 100 rpms.

Mizuno is one of the best iron manufacturers around the world.  Below are clips of manufacturing process at the Mizuno factory.  Enjoy:

Loft and Lie


Grooves (wedges)


Inspection (Quality control)

More inspection

Grip Installation

Shaft Installation

More information, more appreciation.


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