Mizuno MP-15, MP-H5, JPX 850, JPX 850 forged custom

Mizuno custom irons
Mizuno custom options for MP and JPX golf clubs

New Mizuno has hit the floors of golf shops across the country and at Fairway Golf Shop in San Diego.

The new line of Mizuno offers variety of ball workability and forgiveness to help golfers hit more quality shots to improve their game.

For the 2015 golf season, Mizuno has 4 new model of irons:

MP-15, MP-H5, JPX 850, JPX 850 Forged

Mizuno custom irons
Mizuno custom options for MP and JPX golf clubs

Luke Donald switched to the MP-15 irons and put them in his bag.  Featuring the titanium muscle back for solid feel, the MP-15 iron provides cavity back forgiveness when needed.

MP-H5 has been popular especially the long irons to make up a combo set with the MP-15 irons.  MP-H5 long irons blend in really well and gives you the trajectory for predictable long iron distance with higher trajectory and softer landing.

JPX-850 is a cast head with wide sole to provide relief for heavy shots and help the club glide through the grass.

JPX-850 Forged is surprising everyone on the launch monitor for faster ball speed and longer distance.  The mixture of Boron in the metal provides hardness which enables to create a thin face for faster ball speed.

No matter what  your swing is, there is a shaft for you that Mizuno offers as a custom option.  This year, all steel shaft options are no-upcharge!  Whether you prefer a project X steel shaft or KBS Tour steel shaft, Mizuno offers them at no extra charge.

At Fairway Golf Shop, we offer Mizuno fitting with the shaft optimizer to analyze your swing DNA to give  you recommendations for the right shaft.

Send us an email to cs@fairwaygolfusa.com to make an appointment for a custom fitting session with our Mizuno experts!

Visit our custom fitting center online to view your choices!  Fairway Golf offers Iomic grips too!

Mizuno Fitting Day
Get fit with the Swing DNA analyzer available at fairway golf fitting

Every day is a Mizuno fitting day!


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