Graphite Design Tour AD MJ Shaft

Graphite Design Tour AD MJ

Since the FedEx Cup Barclay Tournament, Pros have been spotted to use the new Graphite Design MJ Shaft.

Graphite Design Tour AD MJ

Since the use of the nano-technology with the Tour AD series of Graphite Design Shafts, the MJ will the 6th generation of the series.

In 2009, Graphite Design introduced the Tour AD DI series, then DJ, BB, GT, MT and now the MJ.

Compared the Tour AD MT series, the MJ has a stiffer butt section which enables the players to aggressively swing at the ball and worry less about the ball going left.

The stiffer butt section works  better for players with quicker tempo golfers.

Every Tour AD initials have a meaning or theme.

Graphite Design Tour AD MJ

The MJ symbolizes the “Major” theme which the goal is to become a major shaft (popular shaft) on the PGA Tour.  (MT meant “Mountain Top” to strive to be the #1 shaft.

Fairway Golf can provide shafts with various tips (adaptors) from Taylor Made, PING, Callaway, Nike and many more.  If you are interested in the new Graphite Design Tour AD MJ shaft, send us an email to:  (customer service)


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