EON Sports Tour Pride M series Irons – Made in Japan

Made in Japan

Tour Pride M Series irons are Japanese Forged Irons made in Japan by the finest craftsman of forged golf equipment.

Features 2 models:

  • M1 Series: muscle back irons
  • M2 Series: half cavity bag irons

These Japanese premium forged irons do not boast more yardage or forgiveness.  These are tools for golfers to connect to their equipment to make the shot that they envision with precision and accuracy with shot shaping control.

The formula for feel for these Tour Pride M Series irons are 4 layers of chrome:

Nickel, Copper, Nickel, Chromium

As many of you may know, the Mizuno TN-87 (Tommy Nakajima) model featured the copper layer under the chrome to give more solid feel.  The Tour Pride M Series features the same layers under the chrome so as you wear the face, the layer of copper will start to show.

Fairway Golf has chosen represent this brand because of the craftsmanship and attention to detail to satisfy the players looking for irons to improve their scoring chances.

There is a reason why better players choose irons like these to dial in those shots to shave few strokes off their game.  The irons that gives them feedback, ball control, trajectory control and distance control.

Now available at fairwaygolfusa.com

Tour Pride M Series Irons

If you have any questions, please send inquiries to: cs@fairwaygolfusa.com (customer service)

We do have demo irons in stock.


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