So what is so good about the new Titleist 915 Driver?

So it’s finally here.  Today is the start of the pre-order date for the new Titleist 915 series drivers, fairway woods and hybrids.

For the past few weeks, we had customers constantly asking about the details of the club and availability.  I am sure you have seen many media blasts and hype on the internet.  So much information out there and is some what confusing about the benefits of the new Titleist 915 series golf equipment.  Obviously, the story of the driver will be longer distance but how?

Titleist 915 Driver


Drivers: 915 D2 and 915 D3

  • D2 is 460cc, D3 is 440cc
  • D2 has a shallower face, D3 has deeper face
  • D2 has a slightly higher trajectory and D3 is more penetrating

Fairway Woods:  915 F and 915 Fd

  • F is shallow and 175cc
  • Fd is compact 160cc and slightly deeper face with lower spin
  • neither is draw biased

Hybrids: 915 H and 915 Hd

  • H is 118 cc and subtle pear shape and rounder profile for higher launch and more forgiving
  • Hd is 107 cc and slight offset.  Small pear shape and spins about 120 rpm less than H

The new 915 series features 3 main characteristics:

  • ARC – Active Recoil Channel

  • Ultra Thin Face

  • High MOI Design

Titleist offers many custom shafts to choose from.  Below is a chart that will help you determine what kind of shaft will suite your game.  One thing to remember is that the new 915 drivers tend to spin less than previous model and maybe you would need to consider a slightly higher launch either by choosing a higher loft or adjusting the hosel setting to promote a longer carry and airtime to maximize distance on your drivers.

Titleist Shaft Chart

Click on the image above to enlarge. has started to take pre-orders on our website: Titleist 915 series page      <<< Click

As I mentioned, there are many shafts to choose from and if needed, can accommodate custom length and grip too!

For detailed customization request, please send us an email to our golf experts at and we can personalize your next 915 golf clubs.

915 Shaft Options

Titleist offers custom shaft options such as:

  • Aldila Rogue
  • Fujikura Speeder
  • Fujikura Tour Spec
  • Graphite Design Tour AD
  • Mitsubishi Diamana
  • Mitsubishi Kuro Kage
  • Oban Kiyoshi
  • and much much more

Check out our website for custom shaft options!

Since we are foreseeing very high demand for this product, we recommend that you place your order asap to secure your delivery as soon as possible!



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