What is Fujikura Speeder Evolution Shaft?

Fujikura is coming out with the new Fujikura Speeder Evolution Shaft for 2015.

Fujikura Speeder Evolution

So what is the difference from the original?

  • New advanced material from Toray (Toray is a Japanese company that provides high quality fiber and textiles as well as plastic and chemicals)
  • New stronger Triax Core Technology (50 ton carbon fiber) in order to put strength on where it matters most to enhance performance
  • Nanotechnology and less resin to put more of the above Technology carbon to add character to the shaft.
  • Resulting in increased club head speed and ball speed with stability in the shaft

Speeder shafts and Triax technology has been around for a while.  Many have enjoyed benefits of the premium performance shaft.

Now it is about the pursuit of perfection.  It is more like club head design where size and weight of head is limited by rule and design.  In order to maximize the characteristic of bend profile, weight, flex, torque to enhance speed, shaft companies are shaving off unnecessary weight from the shaft like resin.  They are using more high strength and high quality material to add more strength and character to the shaft by being able to use less of carbon material to achieve the profile while using the weight saved from the use of high strength material to use it in other places.

As the name implies, this is an evolution of shaft technology for maximizing the characteristic of the shaft to increase club head speed and ball speed.  It is not a revolution like many seek to change their output like magic.


With the use of data from ENSO fitting technology by Fujikura, every detail of data of the golf club is captured and analyzed to provide information to the engineers to reduce inefficiency and maximize efficiency.  Result is the high performing shaft.

Try the Fujikura Speeder Evolution today!

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