Titleist Japanese Golf Balls explained Prestige, VG3, Granz

As one of Japanese speaking golf shop in the United States, we get quite a number of inquiries asking us to explain the Japanese golf equipment and models that are not available in the United States.

In this blog, we would like to explain to you about the Japanese Titleist golf balls not available in the US.

(images from Titleist Japan website)

Titleist Granz

Titleist GranZ Golf Balls

“Surprising distance with soft feel”

Distance oriented golf ball with higher ball flight and soft cover for shots around the green.

Titleist VG3

Titleist VG3 Golf Balls

Designed for average Japanese golfers.  3 piece low compression golf ball

“Premium Distance Golf Ball” for average golfers.

Same cover as the GranZ Golf Balls but low compression core.

Titleist Prestige

Titleist Prestige Golf Balls

Next generation total performance golf balls.

Super soft high power core, high speed ionomer casing, covered in next generation G41 performance cover

Penetrating trajectory, soft feel on the irons, exceptional spin control around the greens.

Slightly more distance oriented than the Pro V golf balls.

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