Jack Nicklaus using Miura 1957 CB Japanese Forged Irons

Jack Nicklaus and Miura Irons

Jack Nicklaus and son played in the Champions Tour PNC Father and Son Challenge.

This is what he was using:

Jack Nicklaus and Miura Irons

Photo from golfwrx.com

It is the Miura 1957 CB Forged Irons from Japan.

This is the newest addition to the Miura forging family available in the US.

Jack Nicklaus has made a visit to Miura Giken factory in Japan in October and was impressed with the quality of the Miura forged irons:

Now they are in his bag!

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Jack Nicklaus uses it!  Play the finest irons!

1957 CB is one of the best for all kinds of players!


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