Shanshan Feng wins Omega Dubai Ladies Masters with Honma Equipment


Honma Golf is a Japanese golf company dedicated to product development, innovation and passion for creating the best golf equipment.

It has won many tournaments in Japan and Asia and the rest of the world except US.

Hope to see Honma win on the PGA Tour in the future!

Congratulation Feng.

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Shanshan Feng plays:
Driver: Honma Tour World 717 455
Loft: 9.0 degrees

3 Wood: Honma Tour World 717
Loft: 15 degrees
Shaft: Honma VIZARD TA55 (R-flex)

Utility: Honma Tour World 717 UT
Lofts: 19 and 22 degrees
Shaft: Honma VIZARD UT650 (SR-flex)

Irons: Honma Tour World 717V (5-10 iron)
Shaft: Nippon NS Pro 950GH (R-flex)

Wedge: Honma Tour World 105P (AW)
Lofts: 49.5 degrees
Shaft: Nippon NS Pro 950GH (R-flex)


There are many Japanese Golf clubs used to win around the world.  If you would like information on Japanese golf equipment, shoot us an email through the form below.  Our experts will help you find the right one!  We do have English and Japanese speaking staff to help you learn more about Japanese golf equipment.



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