Taylormade RSi Series

Today I took the new Taylormade RSi Series to the test on the launch monitor to see if  the slots on the new faces will really help with mis-hits.  My first impression was that they did look good and traditional, specially the Rsi TP head. The feel coming off the face feels solid and the biggest thing that I noticed was the mis-hits were not as bad as I thought they were.

The test that I did consumed of hitting about 4 balls per head and registering the numbers on the launch monitor and monitored how much the desperation of the shots looked like center hit and mis-hits. After the four shots I go ahead and hit another 4 with face tape and see how forgiving each club head is and where exactly I was missing the ball on all  three heads.

The numbers do not lie and I was very impressed on the results of all three of the heads that I hit. I hit all the heads with the same exact set up just so everything will be consistent.


photo 1 (2)


Below are my numbers with the 7iron. 4 shots each. They are a bit longer than my current 7i yardage for I normally hit a 7 about 170 yards.
photo 3 (1)


The tape test:

photo 2 (1)


I do believe that the technology behind this series works and is a great stick to try out if you are looking for a new set of irons this coming season. I definitely recommend to think about this model.  Come down to the Airport or Convoy location to hit a few or even do a full fitting with these sticks.  Mis-hits do happen and the Taylormade RSi Irons will definitely make those mis-hits look as good as a routine flush shot.




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