2015 Hot List: Fairway Woods – Wait! I don’t like it!

Fourteen 714

It is day 2 of Hot List email that I got from Golf Digest.  Today was a list of Hot List Fairway Woods.

Hot List

I am always excited about the Hot List.  They gave you insight on opinions and reviews of golfers and a third person’s view on new and upcoming golf equipment.

I know it is not my opinion so it is up to Golf Digest to choose the list.  I enjoyed the driver list but disappointed in seeing the fairway woods that is almost like the copy of the driver list?!

First of all, (1) why are there 11 Gold award drivers and only 3 Silver awards?  Gold is no longer special.  They even bunched up the variations (Pro, Draw) in to 1 model and gave all the models the Gold.  If you look closely by model, there are 18 driver models crunched up in Gold?!

(2) Fairway wood list looks almost exactly like the Driver list.  11 models getting Gold.  Don’t we have more exciting products in the golf industry?  Yes!

(3) Is the Hot List just an advertisement for the vendors who have marketing dollars?  It use to be more fun but it is becoming a new product list……


So I am going to make my own Hot List! (based on my biased opinion)


Bridgestone J715

Callaway XR Driver


  • Gold
    • Bridgestone J715 Driver
    • Callaway XR Driver
    • PING G30 Driver
  • Silver
    • Titleist 915 D2 Driver
    • Srixon Z545 Driver
    • Nike Vapor Pro Driver

Fairway Wood:

Callaway XR

Fourteen 714

tour edge e8 tour

  • Gold
    • Tour Edge Exotic E8 Tour Fairway
    • Fourteen 714 Fairway
    • Callaway XR Fairway
  • Silver
    • Adams Tight Lies Titanium Fairway
    • Taylor Made R15 Fairway
    • Titleist 915F Fairway

How do you like my list?

What’s on your Hot List for 2015?

Choosing the head is the beginning of club selection.  Next step is determining the right specification like: shaft, flex, length, grip to make the club work with your swing.

As with many of our customers, we first try to determine what the golfer is looking to accomplish or achieve with the club.  From simple goals like:  more distance, higher trajectory, want to hit a slice, etc. will get club shopping a lot more efficient and meaningful.

Before you make your final choice on selecting your clubs for 2015, ask us about our recommendations.  Golf industry is full of great products and there are many things that you have not heard but performs.


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