Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder – Slope and tournament edition in one

Bushnell Tour X

Bushnell is coming out with their latest rangefinder called Tour X in March.

Bushnell Tour X

Up to now, Bushnell has had a tournament edition which was legal for tournament play which only gives you reading of straight distance to whatever you are zapping and a slope edition which tells you the slope of the measured object telling you what yardage it recommends if it was a straight leveled surface which was not legal in USGA rules of golf.

The Tour X has an interchangeable faceplate technology where you can switch from a tournament edition mode and a slope edition mode in one unit.  Leupold have had the technology for a while with their GX-4 which also features an interchangeable face to change from a slope mode and a non-slope mode.

The Tour X has all the features packed in one unit:

  • Pinseeker with Jolt Technology
  • measures 5-1300 yards (450 yards to flag)
  • 2 year warranty

What else do you need?

Great for junior golfers mapping out the golf course.  Great for serious golfers preparing for a big event.

I personally prefer the laser rangefinders over GPS for its accuracy.  The Bushnell Tour X is +/- 0.5 yards accuracy.  Where as GPS is technically +/- 5 yards.  For a better player the accuracy is important in club selection on your second shots.

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    • Great! I’m glad you’re enjoying your Bushnell rangefinder. If you ever need any help with it or need a new one, please contact us here at Fairway Golf.

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