Miura Forged Combo Set

I just finished a build for one of our own Staff members here at Fairway Golf USA San Diego Airport location. He is a JDM aficionado and a man who has exquisite taste only for the finest quality in his clubs.

He went with a classic combo set up with the Miura CB-57 on the long irons and the Miura MB-001 in the lower irons. For the set up that he went with; the combination works well for the CB-57 has very minimal to progressive offset throughout the set. So the flow of the set up is gradual in aesthetics so going from a CB-57 head to the MB-001; looks are close from set up.

The shafts that we installed are the Aerotech Steel Fiber i110 stiff flex. A shaft that had been doing well on and off tour for its stable flight and great smooth feel. Normally you can only get one or the other with shaft; going with steel gives you stability and going with graphite gives you smooth feel through out the swing. This shaft gives you the best of both worlds.

For players looking to get a great set to put in the bag, something  like this will work really well. Not only does the set feel great due to the heads going through one of the best forgings in the world, they also look sleek and simple. Going with a cavity back for the long to mid irons helps the player launch the ball easier to get it to a optimal and consistent range with still having full control of the trajectory and shot shape. The lower irons being a muscle back gives you full control on the shot shape and definitely the trajectory of the shot.

For questions or interest in Miura shoot us a email at cs@fairwaygolfusa.com


  miura combo 2 miura combo 1

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