XXIO releases new iron for 2015. XXIO Forged!

XXIO [zek-si-oh] is part of the DUNLOP SPORTS CO. LTD family and brings the #1 golf brand in Japan to America. They have been known to make high quality products to the golf market; not only in Japan but the rest of the world as well. When you ask many players about the brand, they always say ” they make great stuff but I am yet still to see a forged iron from them”.  In Japan they have made many models that were forged  but they have never released anything like that in years.

This year that will change; they have released the new XXIO Forged Iron. A sleek looking iron that offers both great feel and outstanding forgiveness.  Normally you can only get one or the other; either you make the club have great feel with reducing forgiveness or have a dull feel but have superb forgiveness levels. Well now this club offers both of those into one iron.


The head is composed of a S25C Steel but also produced with a high strength HT1770 steel face insert that makes the club forgiving and give the face tremendous distance. The HT1770 is very helpful for mishits that are low on the face.   Really rare to find that in players cavity’s now and days.


With its multi-piece design; it was developed to not only mute sound  but also maintain a soft and solid feel at impact. Something that is targeted for the feel oriented golfers.


Not only is the head a great design but when it is combined with the stock shafts it makes it even more forgiving and versatile. N.S. PRO 940GH DST (steel) and MX-5000 (graphite)  are the two shaft options that are available for the head.  Both are counterbalanced towards the but of the shaft for it to increase swing speeds  and the shafts are progressive in launch where the long irons fly higher and gets lower as you go shorter in the set.

My take on it; a great looking stick and with what its offering, I do not doubt that you will see this club in many players bags. I mean why not it is both of both worlds. Its forgiving and its solid to hit; not only that it is also LONG!


MF the Builder

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