New Golf Training Aid – AZAS bats from Japan

Ben Hogan introduced the concept of Swing Plane.  The whole idea is that if you are able to swing the golf club on a single plane, it is the most efficient way to transfer power to the golf ball while utilizing the natural motion of the body.

One of the best tool to learn how to swing is using a bat.  The key to building a swing built around a single swing plane is to repeatedly swing a bat back and forth 10 or maybe 20 times.  If you try to manipulate the bat with your hands, the bat goes out of plane.  A standard bat is okay to use but yet for a golfer, a bat that is close to the length of a golf club would be ideal.

And here is AZAS Golf Bats:

AZAS Swing Bat

Bat to help you get on the correct swing plane to hit the ball longer and straighter.

It comes in 3 different lengths:  40, 45, 50 inches

It comes in 3 different weights:  400, 500, 600 grams

Longer version is popular for the ultimate experience of the swing plane.  The bat guides you around your body and since it is harder to manipulate with your hands, it keeps the bat on plane.

The heavier version is for those who is also looking to build muscle and power in your swing.  It will force you to use your core muscles to swing the bat around your body.

Don’t forget to swing in reverse so your body stays in balance!


In Japan, many tour players are using them to help them stay on plane.  Popular players like Isao Aoki, Shigeki Maruyama, Jumbo Ozaki, Ryo Ishikawa and Kevin Na:

Below are pictures of players using the AZAS bat featured in Japanese golf magazines:

AZAS Kevin Na AZAS Bat Ryo AZAS Bat Ryo Ishikawa

AZAS Golf Bat is available at!

Get yours today to start swinging on plane!

Fairway Golf is the authorized AZAS Golf Bat retailer in the United States!

Better swing starting at $79.99

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