NEW Yonex Tri-G Line of Woods

The newest addition to Yonex Golf’s arsenal is the new 2015 Yonex Tri-G Driver. It is the first model that Yonex has developed that integrates  both hossel adjust-ability and center of gravity adjust-ability.   They have never had a model the incorporates technology like this. Yes, everyone now is using this adjustable technology but this is something really interesting that Yonex has cooked up for this year. 2015-03-26 17-52-52

Featuring the new CWS (Concentric Weight System), our EZONE Tri-G drivers and fairway woods can be fine-tuned to give you the perfect launch to add spectacular distance to your drives. The irons feature an ultra-thin face and 3D sole that produce the swing speed and power of a muscleback iron yet with the forgiveness of a wide-soled cavityback club. All the clubs in the set feature the new lightweight NANOMETRIC carbon shaft with a mid-low kick point and low torque imparting more power and distance. 2015-03-26 17-52-38


With the Tri Weight system on the sole of the club, the player is able to adjust the way the weights are stationed depending on how they would like the natural flight to be. The player is able to set the weights to help correct the following: too low of a launch with too low spin, too high of a launch, and too much spin. Those three common issues are well known with most player’s drivers.

The Tri-G family offers two types of driver heads; a 460cc and a 445cc to promote more control and play-ability. 2015-03-26 17-53-19 2015-03-26 17-53-35 (1)




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