Callaway Chrome Soft is a hot selling golf ball at

Phil likes them.


Fairway Golf’s customers have liked them.

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf ball has been well accepted as a soft feeling golf ball preferred by many mid to better players.

Phil has been promoting the golf balls since the beginning and in the below video, he is calling his shots with his Chrome Soft Golf ball:

Have you tried the Chrome Soft?

Get yours today at

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball

This week at the Masters, Phil Mickelson and Sang-Moon Bae will be teeing off at August National with the Chrome Soft golf balls.

Phil and Patrick Reed will be teeing off with the 815 Alpha Double Diamond drivers.  Many Callaway Tour Players have the XR Drivers in their bag.

Have you hit the XR Pro Driver?  It is unbelievably good!

Callaway Driver Page

Check out all the custom options for the Callaway Drivers!


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