2015 Masters has begun!

The first major of the year has begun and there is no doubt that this year is going to be one exciting finish as of any year… Come on its the Masters! What won’t be exciting about that?!  There are a lot of stories to talk about with this years first major; a few of them is number one, Tiger Woods is finally back after the first few starts that he has had this calendar year, two will Rory our worlds best player right now lock in and claim the grand slam like many of the greats has done. These are just two of the biggest stories that are arising for this year.



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Out of all the stories the best one would be the 8 under 64 that Jordan Spieth shot during  his first round of Masters. For his second round he shot a solid 66 which is very respectable to follow up his first round which makes his total to 14 under for the tournament. Something similar to what Tiger used to do during his prime.  Not only did he finish 3 ahead of the closest player which is Charlie Hoffman on Thursday. Jordan tied the course record for Agusta National which is no walk in the park for any top professional on tour.  Some of the shots that Jordan pulled off today is close to legendary. If he keeps playing like this who knows if anyone can catch up to the young man; but you never know it is only the first day of this great tournament. All of the worlds eyes are going to be on those three names that I have talked about and we are in for a treat all the way to Sunday. So who is your pick to win? Jordan, Tiger, Rory or even a underdog who will make a weekend charge to catch up to Jordan. We will see!




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