The putter that won the Masters! Scotty Cameron 009

We all know that hitting long, high, and straight is key to playing well but out of all the things that needs to be sharp while you play through the fairways and greens of Agusta national is putting.  A consistent and sharp flat stick is key to keeping a lead during the Masters for Jordan Spieth. Given that he did not miss too many greens but he sure made the par putts that counted when he needed to which lead him to his historic win this year at Agusta.


The putter of choice for the Masters Champion is the Scotty Cameron 009  Putter. The 009 is the go to putter for a lot of guys on tour; its classic looks and spectacular feel gives great feedback on putts and is very pleasing to a players eye.


The 009 is made from a CNC Machine in Scotty Camerons Studio in Carlsbad and which is then hand crafted from there on by the staff members at his studio. The name 009 comes from the last three digits of the Carlsbad zip code where the Scotty Cameron name has been made and grew from.


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Difinitley a thing of beauty when you see this flat stick up close and person but also great feel when you roll it. For all you putter aficionados out there come by and look at the 009 from Scotty Cameron; I am sure if it works for our 2015 Masters Champion , it will be great for you!



MF The Builder




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