Tiger Woods will be in Japan April 26, 2015 – Play against Tiger and Lessons!

Tiger Woods will be spending April 26, 2015 in Japan.


He will be there for a Nike Japan event which will be fun and exciting!  Wish he does it in the United States!

The Challenge:

  • 20 events were held across Japan and scorecards were submitted to Nike Japan
  • With their double Peoria handicap system, 3 random players from the top 10 lowest scorer were chosen to compete against Tiger Woods on 4/26/2015
  • It does not say what the challenge format or competition is but those 3 will have a blast!

The Lesson

  • Anyone was able to submit there message to Tiger to Nike Japan
  • 72 people will be selected to have a chance to get a lesson from Tiger
  • It will be an experience of a life time!

Why can’t we have these events in the United States?

It will be great if the PGA, Senior PGA, LPGA Tour Players visit cities and present opportunities for average golfers and especially junior golfers to complete and learn from the Pros.

Yes, we all like to see great players play great golf but I hope that more players do a little more to connect with average golfers.

I know some players do give back to the community but all I am saying is there could be more.

These Nike events are the kind of reason that I would like to support the brand.

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