Bridgestone Golf Ball Fitting @ fairway golf San Diego – free fitting!

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May 20, 2015

12 pm to 5 pm

Free Bridgestone Golf Ball fitting at Fairway Golf Kearny Mesa store on Convoy street in San Diego.

Bridgestone Ball Fitting

Book you appointment to reserve a spot at the educational ball fitting session presented by Bridgestone.  Participants will receive a free 2 ball pack that fits your game!

With the use of the Bridgestone Science Eye Launch Monitor, the ball specialist will analyze your ball speed, spin, launch conditions to recommend you the best type of golf ball that gives you the most distance and accuracy.

I personally was amazed how much information and education that they have given me when I was fitted for the golf ball.  Specifications such as compression, cover, spin rate, smash factor is optimized by having the right kind of golf balls.

At the fitting session, Bridgestone will have samples of all different models of golf balls from different manufacturer to test your current conditions.  They will analyze the data and recommend a Bridgestone golf ball that will improve your game.

Great thing is that it is free! PLUS you get a free 2 ball pack just for going through the experience!

You have nothing to lose!  Book your appointment now!

Call 858-268-1702


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