Daddy Long Leg+: New look, new feel by Taylor Made

For the past few years, putter shelves have been filling up with new introduction of the counter balanced putters.

In 2016, belly or long anchored style putters are going to be banned.  Is counter balanced putters the answer or replacement for the belly and the longs?

Even golfers who were use to the standard 33, 34, 35 inch putters are starting to use the counter balanced putters.

The whole key is stability.

Taylor Made just introduced their revised Daddy Long Leg putters to come out on 5/22/2015.

It is called the DLL+ putter.

Daddy Long Leg +

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You have seen this shape before but Taylor Made has made updates and modifications to make it even better.

Milled aluminum insert face for better sound and feel.  We have seen the Scotty Cameron Golo putters with aluminum construction for improvement in feel.  (Is aluminum the trend?)

Daddy Long Leg +

Matte black finish with premium accents as opposed to the white.

Daddy Long Leg +

The key feature will be the Super Stroke 2.0 Mid Slim XL putter grip featuring the 125 gram counter core weight for more stability.

No more wobbly putting.  Get counter balanced to make more putts.

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Try something new.  Make more putts.

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