Protect yourself from the Sun and UV rays – Titleist Aussie Hat

Summer is right around the corner.  Many of us will be playing golf in the scorching heat.  Golf courses in Southern California and other southern desert golf courses have little shade (except for inside the electric cart) to cover yourself from the sun and the UV rays.

For summer golf, make sure you have a hat.  A hat that really covers your entire face or neck area would be the best.  Sunscreen is helps but having a shade and protection of a hat will help you sleep well at night without the burning sensation.

As summer gets closer, is selling quite a number of Titleist Aussie Hats:

Titleist Aussie Hat

Full brim all the way around will protect your face, neck by providing great shade from the sun and the rays.

Titleist Aussie Hat

Some may think that bucket hats don’t look cool and stick to their baseball caps while having their top of the ears and back of the neck burnt like a barbeque.  But farmers, fishermen, ladies know better.  Brim around your head protects a whole lot more.

Titleist Aussie Hat

The Titleist Aussie Hat comes in 2 sizes and in 2 colors:  white or khaki.

Get yours now at before it’s too late.  With proper attire, comes less discomfort. Titleist Aussie Hat page


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