So what’s your thoughts on the 2015 US Open at Chambers Bay?

Now that the 2015 US Open is under way, we got to see what Chambers Bay has to offer.

US Open

(amazing that Titleist has been the #1 ball played at the US Open for 67 years)

My Opinion:

1. Fox Sports broadcast could use some entertainment factor.  The comments and the flow was not making things exciting.  I guess broadcasting for 8 hours is some loooong hours.

2. I like the course layout but on TV, I had a hard time locating where the golf ball was.  The fescue grass coloring made it hard to see.  Maybe they could just paint the fairway and greens so the golf balls pop up.

3. Creative short game around the green was fun to watch.  Players were really using the slopes.

4. Weather was too nice.  could use more wind.

5. Surprised to see many under par scores.

I guess it is only Thursday and there is going to be more tricks and pin placements that USGA will implement heading towards the weekend to make the course play tougher.

Looks like weather will be nice and calm through out the weekend.  That only means USGA is going to not water the course, make the ground like concrete and we are going to see some balls rolling off the course, bouncing and getting 100 yards roll.  The pins are going to be placed right on the edge of slopes to promote three putting show.  After all, media likes to see controversy the week after the US Open.

But I like Chambers Bay so far.  Some day, I will make the trip.

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