Have you heard of the new Callaway Drivers? Great Big Bertha and BB Alpha 816 DD

Callaway Driver

Time for an upgrade!

Callaway Driver

Fairway Golf has started taking preorders for the new Callaway Drivers:

Let’s start with the Great Big Bertha: Callaway’s greatest combination of forgiveness and distance.

Callaway Great Big Bertha Driver

This driver was designed to solve 3 main factors that make golfers lose distance:  1) Low Ball Speed, 2) Less than ideal launch conditions and 3)Poor direction.

The key to overcoming the obstacles to maximize distance with the Great Big Bertha Drivers are:

1. R.MOTO technology to increase ball speed on miss hits and various head weight and shaft options.

2. Low CG for more forgiveness and OptiFit Technology

3. Adjustable perimeter weighting

So after extensive research and data collection, Callaway has come up with below chart showing club head speed and potential yardage with the optimum launch and spin conditions:


How does your number look as compared to what Callaway came up with?

Callaway Great Big Bertha Driver

And for the better golfer who can smash the ball a long ways and shoot a low score, Callaway has the Big Bertha 816 Double Diamond Driver to optimize the spin based on your hitting location on the face.

Big Bertha Alpha 816 Double Diamond: Extreme distance for expert players

Callaway BB 816 DD Driver

This driver is about optimizing.  Optimizing the spin and launch conditions for the strong player who can hit the ball.  By finding out where on the face you make the most contact, the gravity chamber can be moved up or down in one of the two gravity chambers.

So if you have a tendency to hit the ball in one of the 4 locations: higher on the toe, lower on the toe, higher on the heel, or lower on the heel, you can optimize the CG by moving the gravity chamber in order to move mass behind the place that you usually strike the ball.

The Big Bertha Alpha 816 DD is not everyone’s driver.  You have to have consistency in your ball striking to get the benefits of the technology.

Callaway BB 816 DD Driver

I had a chance to hit both drivers when Callaway came by to introduce and test out the product.  Being a 5 handicap golfer who has the club head speed of about 100 mph and ball striking not consistent enough to make a mark on a dime on the club face, I had more benefits of both direction and distance from the Great Big Bertha driver.

Callaway Driver

I think 99% of the golfer would fall in the Great Big Bertha driver category.




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