Callaway No Upcharge shaft list for the new Great Big Bertha and Big Bertha 816 Drivers


I have hit them.

I would say the Great Big Bertha is the driver for 95% of the golfers and the Big Bertha Alpha 816 Double Diamond driver is for the strong, consistent, scratch 5% of the golfers to get the maximum results.

One advice when choosing a driver:

I believe most average golfers are using drivers that are too long for them.  Priority should be to put the ball in play, then comes distance.  Manufacturers are coming out with 45.5 inches and 46 inches driver because in theory, longer the club, more club head speed (If you can swing it and in this theory, never talks about accuracy).  The fact is most professional golfers use drivers that are 45 inches or shorter.

When choosing a driver, you have to consider 2 things:  Accuracy, Distance.

With above in mind, things like: Head size, Loft, CG Location, Shaft weight, Shaft flex, Shaft Characteristic, Club Length, Grip size, Swingweight has to be considered.

It is a great thing that golfers today has a wide variety of shaft to choose from.  Better yet, many shafts are offered with no custom upcharges!

Fairway Golf can custom order the driver to improve your game!  By ordering the right specification and through the proper channels, driver head weights and other details are modified to the specification requested.

Below are the no upcharge shaft selection for the new Callaway Great Big Bertha and 816 drivers:


For Custom Fitting questions:

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