Jason Gore using 1966 PING Scottsdale Anser putter

What a week for Jason Gore.  Finishes in 2nd place to gain a ticket to the FedEx Cup Playoffs.


*image from golfdigest.com


Gore used a 1966 PING Scottsdale putter which he put it in the bag since the Canadian Open.

Great to see classic putters being used by Tour Players.  There is just some magic to classic putter.  When classic putters were hot on the market, a Scottsdale Anser putter once sold for $3000+.

To those who are new to PING putters, you can identify a putter as to when it was made by knowing the engraving information in the cavity of the putter.  There are also shapes of the sole, Registered mark, length to the first step, shaft band, etc. that can be identified and used to come up with the value of the putter.

Apparently, according to the articles posted on the internet regarding Jason Gore’s putter, his putter is worth about $1500.00

Do you have a classic putter in your garage?

Maybe it’s worth something.


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