Taylor Made M1 Driver

Now the secret is revealed.

Taylor Made is coming out with the M1 Driver on 10/8/2015.

For those who have not had a chance to see them, here are some pics:


How many models are there?

  • M1 driver is available in 2 head sizes:  460 cc and a 430 cc
  • Obviously, the smaller head is preferred by those looking for a more penetrating ball flight


What kind of adjustments can be made on the new M1 driver?

  • There are 3 adjustments to fine tune to fit your swing:
  • Loft sleeve: adjust loft up to +/- 2 degrees
  • Front Track:  15 gram weight that adjust toe to heel to provide draw, neutral, fade biased CG setting
  • Back Track:  10 gram weight that slides front to back to move CG location to control spin and trajectory


What stock shaft options are there?

  • Stock shaft options come in 3 different trajectory:
  • High Launch Fujikura Pro 60
  • Mid Launch Kuro Kage TiNi Silver 60
  • Low Launch Aldila Rogue Silver 70


What makes the M1 driver better than their previous model?

  • It is all about CG location.
  • By utilizing a composite crown, Center of Gravity is lowered to maximize ball speed at impact.
  • The 3 adjustments (loft, ball flight, trajectory) helps the golfer fine tune to fit his/her game.


When can I get it?

  • Official launch is 10/18/2015
  • There will be many custom shaft options
  • Stay tuned for more information.

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