XXIO price reduction!? Get it while supply lasts – Japanese golf clubs

Do you know XXIO?


XXIO is a Japanese golf brand extremely popular amongst older generation and ladies who is looking for maximum forgiveness and straight distance.

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It all started with the concept of Swing MOI.  How do we maximize transfer of energy from the swing to the ball.  Counter weighted shaft to accelerate the club head through impact.

The driver features cup face for expanded sweet spot.  Extreme thin crown at 0.1 mm.  Pursuit of sound and feel with sound rib inside the head.


Now it’s only $399.99 while supply lasts!  (Original Price $599.99 that’s 33% off!)

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Japan Technology

The irons also feature the DST counter weighted shaft technology.  Super hot Super-TIX face maximum spring like effect.  Tungsten Nickel weighted sole for easy optimum launch for more distance.

Below are the close out prices on the irons, fairway and hybrids:


Irons 6-9P steel shaft:  used to be $799.99 but now it’s only $549.99!


Fairway Wood:  used to be $399.99 but now it’s only $279.99!


Hybrids:  used to be $249.99 but now it’s only $169.99!

Hurry!  This price is good while supply lasts!

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fairwaygolfusa.com XXIO web page


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