Honma IS-03 or IE-03? What is the difference?

The Honma IS-03 “Straight & Smart” irons are designed to be long, but also straight in trajectory. This iron features an undercut cavity with a midsize head with moderate offset. The shafts are offered in 45g, 49g, and 54g versions. The Shaft Star Rating system is based on trajectory, the HIGHER the number, the straighter the trajectory will be.


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The Honma IE-03 “Easy & Excellent” Irons are designed to be easy to launch, high in trajectory, and long in distance. The heads are larger in size, and have a larger undercut cavity to expand the sweet spot. These irons are designed to launch easy with Tungsten weights in the sole. The shafts are lighter and more flexible at 45g.


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The Honma IS-03 tends to be the most popular with our customers. IF you need a MORE forgiving and lighter weight iron, we recommend the IE-03.


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