Sneak Peak Ben Hogan Golf 2016




This has been a whirlwind year for the new Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company.  The reception to our new TK 15 wedges and FT. WORTH 15 irons has been nothing short of phenomenal.  Our owners are deliriously happy with their performance and are telling their friends.  And we are beginning to attract the attention of tour players, as the word of this innovative approach to irons and wedges spreads by word of mouth. We even had a critical role in the huge win by the U.S. team at this year’s Solheim cup. Not bad for a company that has only been shipping since April of this year. But we are not resting on the laurels of these first two products.  Our design and engineering team has been working long hours to keep up the momentum.  To keep challenging “conventional wisdom” in the world of golf club performance (which we find to be more “conventional” than “wisdom”). To begin, we don’t agree that driver face technology should be built into irons.  Who wants a shallower landing angle with less spin on their iron shots?  So we have innovated a completely new approach to iron design and construction.  We won’t be announcing the new PTx irons for a few more weeks, but let me share a couple of hints: They will introduce a completely new concept in pure forged irons that delivers unbelievable feel, unmatched distance consistency, and more spin and green-holding performance than any other game improvement iron.

  • They will continue our commitment to precision by being offered in every single loft from 20-47 degrees.
  • They meet Mr. Hogan’s standard that “a golf club should be like a fine piece of jewelry.”

We also will be introducing the first hollow iron option that blends with a forged player’s iron – the new FT. WORTH 15 hi allows you to match FT. WORTH 15 solid forged iron feel and accuracy in the scoring clubs (32 degrees and up) with more forgiving, higher launching hollow irons in the lower lofts (20-31).  This unique approach allows you to optimize your set by replacing one, two or three irons in the lower lofts with an equally gorgeous iron that delivers higher ball flight, more forgiveness and increased spin where you need those the most. Finally, our new Ben Hogan hybrids take that whole category to a completely new level.  They go against the grain of the entire industry by offering you a more authoritative trajectory and increased spin than any other hybrids on the market.  After all, you are choosing hybrids to replace long irons . . . you are hoping to hit green-holding long-range approach shots, aren’t you?  So why would you want lower spinning hybrids that cause the ball to roll out when it lands? In addition, the new Ben Hogan hybrids have the most dramatic weight adjustment capabilities in the category.  You can fine tune each of your hybrids for launch angle and the draw/fade bias you desire.  It’s never been done like this before. We can only offer you these few images at this time, but trust that you will be the first to see them in the coming weeks.

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